Add new environment in Trellis for WordPress deployments in 5 steps

We use the Bedrock setup from for the structure of our WordPress sites. For provisioning and deploying we use Trellis from

Out of the box Trellis comes with a development, staging and production environment. I could not find how to add an environment in their docs (maybe it is there, but I could not find it). In my case I needed a test environment.

So here are the five steps which worked for me:

  1. copy the entire folder group_vars/staging (or production) to group_vars/<new environment name> and change all .yml files to reflect what is needed on the new environment (in my case I only changed vault.yml and wordpress_sites.yml)
  2. copy file hosts/staging (or production) to hosts/<new environment name> and change the IP adresses and the [staging] group name to [<new environment name>]
  3. now for every site you want on have on the new environment, copy the file config/staging.php (or production.php) to config/<new environment name>.php and change if needed. This last step was what took me the longest time to figure out.
  4. provision the new environment (ansible-playbook server.yml -e env=<new environment name>)
  5. deploy the site(s) to the new environment

Now on to my new test environment 🙂

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